green hot tubs des moinesHow much does it really cost to run a hot tub every month?  Is my monthly utility bill going to skyrocket?  What is the average cost to run this hot tub?  These are all common questions we get for running a hot tub.  I would say if you have an OLDER hot tub, you will probably be close to $100 a month but it all depends on what technology is in the control pack and the efficiency of the pumps.  On our new Calspas hot tubs, all of the two pump systems have new Green technology they put in every control pack(on 2 pump systems) called a GreenPack.

What the GreenPack does is it uses friction from the motors to help heat your hot tub called friction sticks.  It also switches to a smaller motor when it goes into filtration mode so it isn’t using all of the power from the pumps to operate the hot tub.  Because of this new Green technology the average cost per month is around $15 per month.  Another reason to look at purchasing a new hot tub and stay away from the older hot tubs.

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