Caldera Spas

At Aqua Oasis we offer the full line of Caldera Spas.  Whether you'll use your Caldera Spa to comfort aching joints and muscles, quality alone time, or "unplugged" family togetherness, you'll want to be ready when you need it.  Caldera offers reliable, high-performance spas designed for comfort, efficient energy use, and simple maintenance so you can focus on enjoying your spa everyday.


Listed below are the three series of Caldera Spas: Utopia, Paradise, and Vacanza. If you'd like to view all Caldera Spas models, scroll to the brochure download link below or visit our showroom. Click the button below to learn more about the Caldera Difference and why a Caldera Spa is right for you!


The Caldera Difference

Utopia Series

Hot Tub Des Moines Utopia Series Caldera

The Utopia series features an exclusive combination of high-performance details and elegant design showcasing the pinnacle of spa comfort, performance and style.  Ease of use, low operating costs, and an exceptional spa experience make Utopia Series the preferred choice of discerning spa owners.

Cantabria 9' x 7'7" x 38"
Seats 8 Adults
Geneva 7'5" x 7'5" x 38"
Seats 6 Adults
Niagra 7'5" x 7'5" x 38"
Seats 7 Adults
Tahitian 7' x 7' x 36"
Seats 6 Adults

Paradise Series

Hot tub Des Moines Caldera Paradise Series

The Paradise Series models offer a blend of premium and budget-friendly options and functions for complete restorative relaxation.  Known for its versatile seating and dynamic performance, this series offers four models sized for three to seven adults.

Makena 7'5"' x 7'5" x 36"
Seats 6 Adults
Salina 7'5" x 7'5" x 36"
Seats 7 Adults
Martinique 7'5" x 6'4" x 34"
Seats 5 Adults
Kauai 7' x 5'5" x 29"
Seats 3 Adults

Vacanza Series

Caldera Hot tub Des Moines Vacanza

The Vacanza Series models combine signature Caldera quality and many popular features, delivering daily renewal at a great value.  Like all Caldera spa models, the Vacanza Series offers hydrotherapy jets that target major muscle groups in order to work away stress.

Palatino 7'5" x 7'5" x 38"
Seats 6 Adults
Marino 7' x 7' x 36"
Seats 6 Adults
Vanto 7' x 7' x 36"
Seats 7 Adults
Tarino 6'10" x 6'10" x 33"
Seats 5 Adults
Aventine 5'4" x 5'4" x 29"
Seats 2 Adults

Want more information?  Download a full Caldera Spas brochure!

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Spa Services

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Backyard Consultation

We'll come to you!  We like to see where you'd like to place your spa in order to ensure a smooth installation.



Our experienced technicians will deliver and install your new spa and make sure everything is running as it should.


Repairs & Cleaning

Should something go wrong with your spa, or it needs deep cleaning, our team will come to the rescue.



We sell all of the chemicals you will need to keep your spa running in tip-top condition, just come down to the store.

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